Custom Electric Motors

Printed Motor Works is recognised as a world authority in the design and manufacture of compact high-power permanent magnet brushless DC electric motors. We offer many sizes of brushless permanent magnet and brushed pancake DC motors that can be rapidly tailored to meet your exact specification. If you need a custom housing, very long life or just more performance than the markets standard offers, we can help. Printed Motor Works are able to assist with custom BLDC motors for volume production as well as low volume specialist projects.  Typical custom projects range from a few weeks for simple adaptations to 16 weeks for a totally bespoke solution.

Elevator Door Drive Motor based on XR15-03 Custom Brushless Pancake Motor

Elevator door drive motor based on XR15-03 custom brushless pancake motor


Process for Custom Electric Motors

Phase 1Customer Specification of Motor
The customer delivers a specification of the required performance of the motor taking into account the motor torque and speed requirements over the relevant duty cycle.
Printed Motor Works can assist with this phase and in some cases provide a strategic study to arrive at the best combination for the complete motion control system.
Phase 2Magnetic and Thermal Motor Study
CostTypically £3k to £6k per study, depending on complexity.
Lead time2-4 weeks from receipt of purchase order
Customer places order for magnetic study.
Printed Motor Works undertakes magnetic and thermal study.
DeliverablesReport with outputs from the magnetic study that will determine the electromagnetic configuration of the motor taking into account thermal constraints.
Customer reviews the magnetic study report.
Phase 3Mechanical Design of Motor
CostTypically £10k to £25k per motor variant, depending on complexity.
Lead time2-8 weeks, depending on customer requirements
Customer confirms the specification of the interfaces between the motor and the rotary and static sides of the application, so that Printed Motor Works can commence mechanical design. Customer places order for mechanical design and samples.
Printed Motor Works undertakes the mechanical design.
DeliverablesParasolid model of final motor (surfaces only) and outline drawings together with an updated firm quotation for samples.
Customer reviews the Parasolid model and outline drawings for confirmation of integration into application.
(Note: We are also able to perform a slimmed-down combination of Phase 2 and 3 above to enable clients to get a top-level view of the solution in a shorter time and at a lower cost)
Phase 4Sample Motor Manufacture
CostDetermined by the choice of motor size, electromagnetic configuration, mechanical design and quantities.
Lead timeTypically 4-8 weeks, depending on quantities and availability of our advanced production team.
Customer places order for sample motors
Printed Motor Works produces samples in-house. Parts will usually be machined from solid, hand assembled and tested by our advanced production team.
DeliverablesMotors in sample quantities, tested
Customer builds motors into application.
Phase 5Volume Motor Manufacture
Finally, Printed Motor Works can put together a complete plan for small or large volume manufacture involving tooling and set-up of a dedicated production line.
cross-section of electric motor

Cross-sectional view of customised IR9 pancake brushless motor.

Typical challenges we solve include:

  • Optimised motor performance against a specific voltage and torque requirement
  • Adapted motor housings for specific mounting arrangements or very compact motors for tight spaces
  • Specialised motor configurations where windings, magnets and bearings have been upgraded to handle very high temperature applications, specialised motors for extreme environmental conditions including general off-shore or sub-sea use and specialised electric motors for military applications with electromagnetic suppression and high vibration and shock capabilities
  • Full system design involving highly challenging motor configurations with motion control
  • Production of small prototype volumes in rapid time scales as well as full-scale volume manufacture at competitive price points

Optimised Motor Performance

Printed Motor Works offer a range of standard windings and stack lengths.  But if these solutions don’t meet your needs we will work with you to develop a specification perfectly optimised for your application.  Printed Motor Works’ maximum slot fill manufacturing techniques and access to powerful grades of magnets means that we can optimise your motor to 94% efficiency at your load point.

Customised stack length options mean that our BLDC motors can range from axially compact to very long axial lengths to adapt to clients needs.  Our IR9 series has been designed down to only 35mm deep with 1Nm continuous performance.

Magnetic and thermal study for electric motor

Excerpt from magnetic and thermal study for IR Series motor.

Sample parameters for optimisation are: speed, voltage, torque, efficiency, cogging torque and thermal performance. We offer detailed magnetic and thermal studies to optimise your electric motor performance prior to production of validation samples.

Adapted Motor Housings

Printed Motor Works Printed Motor with adapted housing

DC pancake motor with customised housing.

Printed Motor Works help our customers turn concepts into reality quickly.  Using adaption’s of our existing housing designs we can produce a mechanical model to import into clients final assembly.

Options include: hollow shafts, custom mounting configurations, special shaft details, large flanges, connector blocks, encoder mounting, ingress protection, integral gearboxes, linear actuators and many more.

Specialised Motor Configurations

For safely critical and applications with extended service life Printed Motor Works BLDC motors can be configured for a wide range of demanding requirements. We have produced many motors for high temperature applications for example for fans on auxiliary power units that need to run in 150 Celsius plus continuous temperatures.

Printed Motor Works Wheel & Hub Motor

Submersible oil filled in-wheel / hub motor with pressure compensation.

We have know-how of developing motors for off-shore use including full submersion using oil-fill techniques and pressure compensation.

Electromagnetic interference from motor

Electromagnetic interference from motor visualised.

Printed Motor Works can also manufacture military specification motors with special suppression techniques to minimize electromagnetic interference.

Full System Design

Printed Motor Works rotating LED display system

Rotating LED display system using flat electric motor.

Due to our expert knowledge of motors and rotary systems Printed Motor Works are able to offer value add services. Printed Motor Works works closely with its clients to develop complete motion control systems. Projects have included development of a complete system for control and propulsion of a sports accessory, a revolutionary display system using motorised rotating light emitting diodes and a motorised warehouse robot.  As an example, for a rotating LED display system Printed Motor Works provided a BLDC motor solution with the value added services of mechanical system design and validation, a 200W contactless power transfer, and Printed Motor Works’ 500MB/s contactless data transfer technology.


XR Build

Very large XR Series custom motor in build for large submersible winch system.

Printed Motor Works are able to deliver fully customised solutions on short lead times due to our expert knowledge and strong supply chain.  Following a sample stage Printed Motor Works are then able to migrate the design to the volume manufacture stage using a combination of quality and low-cost suppliers to ensure your product has the right blend of quality and cost for its intended market.

Printed Motor Works AC Generators

Three phase brushless generator/alternator with 8kW peak output.