Brushless Pancake Motors

Printed Motor Works offer two distinct brushless pancake DC motor families: the XR Series using an external rotor and the IR Series using an internal rotor. All our compact brushless DC motors can be tailored to meet your exact specification.

XR Series Motors

Brushless pancake motor series - XR15-03 XR15-05 XR15-06

External rotor pancake motors: XR15-03 with shaft, XR15-05 wheel motor, and XR15-06 with rear shaft and brake.

The XR Series is an extremely compact and powerful DC electric motor design using an external rotor or out-runner design. The XR Series is available in two standard sizes, based on stack length, and with four winding options as standard. Both standard motor sizes have been designed for volume applications and do not incorporate rare earth ferrite magnetic material. Additionally the XR Series can be fitted with an integrated encoder giving 3312 counts per revolution. The XR Series outside rotor motors are very efficient on load with very low noise and are excellent for continuous use applications that require a pancake shaped brushless DC motor envelope.

If these standard solutions don’t meet your requirements we will work with you to develop a specification perfectly optimised for your application. Custom stack lengths, winding configurations and magnetic material options can be designed upon request.

Applications for the XR Series motors include package handling systems, automatic door opening systems, stair lifts and direct drive in-wheel motors for robots and other mobility systems.

A table with some examples from the XR Series external rotor / in-wheel motor range can be found here.

The following data sheets are available for the XR Series brushless DC pancake motors:

XR15 Series Overview

XR15-03E compact brushless motor with integrated encoder.


XR1506 with brake 009193

XR15-06 flat brushless motor front mounted brake.



IR Series Motors

Compact high torque density brushless motors - IR9 IR16 IR20

Compact high torque density internal rotor motors: IR9 with hollow bore, standard IR9, IR16 and IR20.

The IR Series is a compact brushless DC motor with a conventional internal rotor design but with very high slot fill resulting in class leading torque density. We offer two standard sizes, based on stack diameter, the IR9 and IR16 with a range of standard windings and stack lengths. If these standard solutions don’t meet your requirements we will work with you to develop a specification perfectly optimised for your application. Printed Motor Works’ maximum slot fill manufacturing techniques and access to powerful grades of magnets means that we can optimise your motor to 94% efficiency at your load point. The parameters for motor optimisation are: speed, voltage, torque, efficiency, cogging torque and thermal performance.

Applications for the IR Series flat DC motors include automatic door opening systems, aerospace & defence robotics, paper handling, autonomous vehicle testing for the automotive industry.

Below is a table with some examples from the IR Series internal rotor motor range:

IR Series Compact Motors Table
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Performance SpecificationsSymbolUnits
Peak TorqueTpNm1.880.782.52210.852.82.9
Rated Continuous Torque @ 50°CT 25Nm1.30.710.761.753.23.211.5410.252.41.13
Rated SpeedNRPM8003000400030003200340048028001100300
Rated Output PowerPW148230320550100011395803000600035.5
Maximum Recommended SpeedNmaxRPM1295887010000350
Peak Output PowerPW149327110532006750106
Electrical Specifications
Nominal Operating VoltageEVolts426312901251253172424400
Typical Operating Voltage RangeEVolts10-625-250-7000-700
Rated Continuous CurrentIAmps (RMS)75298.510.510.51.51273130.1414
Peak CurrentA10.14817011.71804310.2
Motor Constants
Line-Line Resistance R L-LOhms1.521.250.0380.630.340.2149.81.94.5122.9
Back EMF ConstantK EV/kRPM27162253626
Torque Constant K TNm/Amp0.260.1540.01623.90.3440.225.50.840.125.79
Armature Inductance (Line-Line)LmH3.232.0-3.00.0150.81.23120.0250.1451.6
Mechanical Specifications
Length (mounting face to face)mm7768808270555513513952.5
Permitted Radial Load (50% safety factor)N400150
Permitted Axial Load (50% safety factor)N150
Magnet TechnologyNdFeBNdFeBNdFeBNdFeBNdFeBNdFeBNdFeBNdFeBNdFeBFerrite
Hollow Boremm30
Gearbox Option20:1

The following data sheets are available for the IR Series compact BLDC motors:

IR9 Series Overview

IR9 Hollow Bore overview

IR16 Overview

Winch Motor

Hollow shaft brushless DC motor variant of IR9 (compact high torque density Internal Rotor motor).

IR16 compact brushless motor

IR16 internal rotor compact brushless motor.